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What is SuperSeedWare™ (SSW™)?

SuperSeedWare™ is a 100 % natural, patented, gene‐type platform of sweet corn seed. It dramatically improves the performance of sweet corn seeds under many stress conditions such as, early plantings in colder or wetter soil. Other attributes suggest earlier maturities, stronger stalk and root systems, measurable disease tolerance improvements, and overall higher yield potentials. Fundamentally, Abbott & Cobb looks for all the traits growers like in current (non‐SSW™) varieties and then breed in the SSW™ platform, creating an ideal variety with great taste in addition to attributes such as improved vigor and germination.

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Does Abbott & Cobb sell any GMO seed products?

No, Abbott & Cobb only practices conventional breeding techniques and does not sell any GMO products.


SSW™ sweet corn seed is 100% natural and is not GMO sweet corn.

Does SSW™ need to be isolated?

SSW™ gene‐type varieties are compatible with conventional sh2 types and may be planted in harmony. Other gene‐types should not be allowed to cross pollinate with SSW™ types in order to maintain visual and eating quality shelf life of 100% of the kernels.

What does SSW™ (and other genotypes) mean?

Can I buy treated and/or untreated seed?

All of our customers have the option on whether to purchase their seed, treated or untreated. Our BetRGro® seed treatment technology is specifically designed to improve singulation and increase flowability in planters; thus maximizing uniformity and yield. BetRGro® treated sweet corn seeds have a package of broad spectrum fungicides that protect seedlings against soil borne diseases caused by fungi, furthermore maximizing plantability. BetRGro® treated pepper, pumpkin and squash seeds also contain a fungicide that provides protection from soil borne fungi. BetRGro® can also be customized to include insecticide seed treatments such as Cruiser 5FS, Poncho 600. These seed treatments provide systemic control of a wide scope of insect pests and worms.

How will I know which varieties will perform best in my area/climate?

Our sales reps and dealers continually trial products in varied environments, and work diligently to recommend the most ideal varieties for our customers’ specific needs; however, your ultimate guide to performance of a variety should be repeated trials over a period of growing seasons, on your soil and under your cultural climatic conditions.

What level of seed quality can I expect from Abbott & Cobb?

We are diligent in maintaining the highest quality seed in the industry. We accept only the top germination rates used in the industry, and we have seen first‐hand our varieties germinate in a range of soils and conditions.

Does Abbott & Cobb custom pack?

Yes we do custom pack upon request; however, there is a fee associated with custom packing. Please contact your sales representative to make arrangements.