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2017 Florida Sweet Corn Trial – Belle Glade


Abbott & Cobb hosted its annual sweet corn demo in Belle Glade, FL. This year holds special significance as the company celebrates the impressive landmark of 100 years in the seed industry. In a highly consolidated marketplace, A&C continues to be the largest independent seed company specializing in innovative and natural breeding technology.

The Belle Glade demo, planted on approximately 3 acres of “black gold” terrain, featured new and popular commercial sweet corn varieties as well as experimental varieties and “first-look” material.  A&C’s sweet corn development and sales team gave tours to local and out-of-state distributors in addition to international customers. New SuperSeedWare® (SSW®) varieties were highlighted throughout the tour including the newest SSW® showstopper ― SS28802. This bicolor variety has been successfully introduced into Belle Glade and has been favored by many local growers. It has strong germination and vigor along with improved rust and NCLB resistance. SS28802 maintains its impressive ear size (9”) and is naturally bred with StaysRichGreen® (SRG®) genetics, resulting in more chlorophyll and therefore darker rich green plants, leaves, stalks and husk leaves that extend beyond full maturity. Click the link for more about this variety: SS28802


This bi-color variety features multiple disease resistance, an exceptional kernel color, as well as 100% natural, StaysRichGreen® genetics. It matures in approximately 79 days and maintains its dark green appearance well after maturity. (HR) Ps; (IR) Et, Bm.

8102R Plus:

This sh2 variety has all the attributes that made the original bi-color 8102R a true fan favorite- a reliable performer, nice cylindrical ears, excellent husk protection in addition to more rust resistance. This late season variety, maturing in approximately 81 days, has great disease tolerance: (HR) Ps; (IR) Et, Bm, Pst.


Bright white Glacial has incredible white kernels that maintain their white color beyond full maturity. This dual-purpose variety is great for both processing and fresh market, with big ears, reaching 8″ in length and with excellent tip fill. It is a high quality sh2 variety maturing in 76 days with incredible eating quality; a truly great main season white.


A high yielding sweet corn that matures in 79 days, 8909MRW, offers multiple disease resistance and exceptional white kernels. In addition to its attractive bright white kernels, it has StaysRichGreen® benefits including darker green plants, stalks and shinier leaves highly preferred by growers.