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Abbott & Cobb Hosts Successful Annual Summer Trials – Wisconsin


Abbott & Cobb Hosts Successful Annual Summer Trials – Wisconsin

In August Abbott & Cobb, Inc. held its annual Summer Trials in the great state of Wisconsin. At the trials customers were shown new and innovative commercial releases as well as experimental varieties. Highlighted on the tour were Abbott & Cobb’s newest varieties of SSW® – the 100% natural and patented genetic breakthrough in the industry. SSW®’s dramatically improve the performance of sweet corn seeds under many stress conditions such as, early plantings in colder or wetter soil. Other benefits include earlier stand establishment, stronger root systems, and larger seeds for easier planting.

In addition to the main sweet corn program, there were several other demos including a processor sweet corn demo, featuring robust varieties with great kernel color and high recovery. There were several bean demos with new fresh market and processor type varieties, including medium to large sieve types. Also a must-see pepper trial was featured with new bell and jalapeno varieties with exceptional disease packages, and higher yielding plants.

Art Abbott walking around the sweet corn trial.

Art Abbott touring our sweet corn trial.


Rain or shine, our customers came out to visit our trials. Great guys from Harris Seeds ready to weather the storm.

international customers

Abbott & Cobb employees with international customers getting ready to tour our sweet corn trial.

pepper comparison

Some of Abbott & Cobb’s new pimento varieties

pepper in bowl

Top pepper picks from our Wisconsin trial.

yellow corn

One of our newest experimental processing sweet corn varieties.